Website Slow upgrade to bla bla bla

im getting that my website is slow… but it’s not
my website running on VPS with 1GB internet & 60GB ram & 10 cores
and using a wpcompress CDN plugin with wprocket
my speed score is 90% mobile & 100% web

but the app working too much slow

what should i do now without migration to another host because i already pay for 2 years


I had almost identical stats.

I tested my dev/demo site on various devices (computers/browsers) and connections and all loaded near instantly.

When loading the site on the AppMySite preview app, the site almost always takes 10+ seconds to load.

I found an alternative app builder and decided to give it a test and compare the stats. I disabled AppMySite WP plugin and installed/activated the alternative. I ran the alternative mobile preview app and it loaded within a split second.

So the comparison was night and day. I wonder if there’s something that needs to be done on AppMySite’s end, cacheing, pre-loaders, and/or other things to up the performance and help with load times. It’s hard to believe that a site scoring extremely high on GTMetrix is doing great on web browsers but is extremely sluggish on a mobile app.

Keep in mind, I understand the API requests is a factor and may contribute to load time differences between browser and mobile app but it’s hard to justify such a huge lag when two different mobile app builders have been compared with one taking 10+ seconds to load and another only takes a second.

I’m hoping that someone can reply to this and possible app-side optimizations can be considered to hopefully boost performance.

With all that being said, I think AppMySite is an amazing concept and has so much potential, the only issue for me right now is this sluggish load time for the mobile app.


Has the team not yet given a solution to this problem? It seems to reach everyone, even with good hosting.

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following this. Hope team will have answer and this answer will say that we are working on it.

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I just upgraded and started using it last night. When I tested it, it was super slow.
I wrote to support and they told me that it must be my website. However, my website loads very quickly outside the app. It even takes forever to move past the Splash page.

I don’t think they are aware of how to resolve this issue. They would first need to acknowledge that the issue exists though.

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Today, is 30 days until i post my issues and it’s looks like not only me having it. and no one in the team reply or taking care about us…

It seems that we will face many problems in the future if the situation continues as it is. There are 28 days left until the last day I am allowed to refund the product. I hope to find a solution before that because I bought a Full stack.

i think they trying to force us to buy their refereed hosting service they mentioned in (Performance section). they need to give us explain.

This is an interesting thread. I think the speed on the app is dependent on the response time of the server, and not the speed of your website in a browser. Your website may load fast in a browser, but the app interacts directly with the website database. So if the response time is too much, the app will be slow too.

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I think the problem is because of lack of caching feature. It should be included in the appmysite wordpress plugin or use free wp rest cache plugin.

Changing host is an option, but when the same website is loading faster in a normal browser, then why not in the app?