LMS Integration - WP Courseware?

I suspect others like me have purchased AppMySite and WP Courseware from AppSumo? I’m keen to get the two working together - and so far my biggest issue is that video and images are not showing up in the test version of my app at all (I’m also having issues with featured images in WP courseware, so the problem could be at my end!). Would love to see a clean integration for Course/Unit/Module post types… anyone else keen? (would love to chat with anyone who’s solving problems with this combination too).


Yes, WP Courseware and LMS Tutor

And if I may add, LearnDash. Thanks!

I think AppMySite recently launched support for custom post types. You can try adding your course’s custom post types and taxonomies to the side menu of your app. This update should cover a number of LMS plugins.

FYI: Here are the release notes from the latest update: https://www.appmysite.com/support/news/release-notes-10-06-2021/