Polish language

Hi, we need Polish language in Apps produced by AMS. It is crucial regarding possibility to use AppMySite in Poland.

Maybe you don’t know, but in Poland, we have a strong e-commerce growth trend.
On the base on data from Built With, Poland is 12th country in the world regarding e-commerce pages with big WooCommerce share. It should be an important market for AMS.

I hope that Polish will be soon. I send an email with proposition to help with translation, what do You need more?

@FourFour Great suggestion!

Your request to add Polish language support has been added to our product roadmap. Feel free to follow the task to get notified once the app supports Polish.

If the requirement is urgent, please get in touch with support who will be able to prioritize this request for a nominal fee.

Yes we need it in Poland. Our users are not used to click English buttons etc.