Still no answer to my support email

I have tried to get one simple answer out of Appmysite, but the answers I get are just kind of brushing you off.

Since the Appmysite plugin for Wordpress only connects your Wordpress to the Appmysite platform it really has no other function.

I asked Appmysite about the possibility of in-app messaging, the answer practically was do it yourself inside our Wordpress website.

Cool no problem we will do that:

  1. we set up a custom post type to create seamless in ap messaging for our client.
  2. we wrote the code to send notifications via Firebase whenever a new post was published.
  3. we tested the code, and everything is working perfectly, Notifications are being sent to Firebase and getting an ID, so far so good.

However here is where all the fun stops, the notifications are not being delivered to the app. With a little research, we quickly identified the issue at hand. in order to send notifications using API, you either must target device tokens or topics which the “app” subscribes to when permission for notification is given.

this can only be set in the app’s code, there is no way this can be done outside of the native app.

Now you have the back story…

Since Appmysite is using API to send notifications from their platform to all devices, one must assume, that each app installation is being subscribed to a topic.

I approached Appmysite, and told them about this issue, the first time they just rejected me and said read the Firebase documentation. It has nothing to do with the App.

So I actually listened to them, and the documentation confirms what I am claiming.

Since we do not have access to the App code, the responsibility of providing a solution or a topic falls on Appmysite, especially because they recommended, creating our own setup.

So i wrote Appmysite again almost 10 days ago, and now they are just ignoring me.
It is very simple Appmysite must be using a topic to target all app installations with notification permission, provide us with that topic.

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Hi @Cyrus_Razavi,

Please contact email support using this link. I will review this with our product team and let you know if it is feasible.