Upload images via my app

Why can’t i upload the images through my app i have been trying to sort this out for a while now can someone help me sort this out please

I don’t think this functionality is available natively. If you use a plugin on your website which allows file uploads, you can enable webviews within your app and render that functionality in it.

For instance, let’s assume you have a page or a post where you wish to allow file uploads, and you use a plugin to achieve this. You can simply enable webviews for pages or posts, and have this feature in your app.

Just remember, you would need to configure your permissions accordingly while creating a build of your app. Otherwise, your app might get rejected during submission.

Here’s how you can enable webviews: How can I enable web view on my app? - AppMySite

Hope this helps!

You can upload through the app without issues, as long as your permissions are set correctly.

Are you seeing the form to upload/browse but when you click on it nothing happens? Or you’re not seeing the form to upload at all from within the app?

Please be more specific and provide screenshots.

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