Wordpress WPML integration

It could be great if AppMySite can have full integration with Wordpress multi language plugins, like WPML.
So the app user can change languages inside the app (like in app setting menu).
This is the only reason I haven’t changed my agency to AppMySite.

This is a short video, showing the app change language, and the content in Wordpress is made with WPML.

See Video

Hi @kalak ,

This is to inform you that the language support feature has been added. Please click on this link for more details.

@Aby Yes I know about this. But this method is not the “right way” to have multilanguage.
AppMySite developing team should look at other app makers - like fluxbuilder.

Hi @kalak,

I will share this feedback with the product team and revert as and when I have an update from them. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.