3 Days support no response!

3 Days support no response and not solve my problem! why?
i buy for nothing i cant build app???
i make 3 account in firebase for push notefication i do exact like what they do on youtube channel but not working i cant build app!!!
return my money please… no support no help no build app… i buy for nothing


Same I have The Same Problem 20 CharacterIiiiii

i need push notification but i think no more because i will stop apps i will back to website… its best solotion for now mybe if they fix push notification i will back later

they are fix this issuse now you can build your app :+1:t2:

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same here. 2 days email support not respone

I am a new customer, and while I do understand that the support is taking time, I have seen excellent response from Appmysite team. They diagnosed a problem with a plug-in that was not made by them and found the modification for the code that was needed to make it compatible with their plug-in. This is top level support even if it is a bit slow. So I feel credit needs to be given where credit is due.

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hmmmm what about today?

Hi @saudxalghamdi.2030,

We are pleased to announce that our support services have been enhanced. You now have access to email support, chat assistance, and the option to book a call with a dedicated specialist using this link.