Ability to change menu icon

I would like to be able to change the appmysite menu icon. My reasoning for this is: I want to use three line menu on my mobile site for people to navigate. But, I want to use the appmysite menu as well, only so they can manage push notifications. In an effort to not confuse users, I am hoping to switch the three vertical lines menu to something signaling push notifications, like maybe a bell icon.

See below what I mean about the two three vertical lines being confusing to viewers.

I feel like this is a very worthwhile and possibly simple fix that would help me tremendously. Icon options for the top left appmysite menu would make my site run smoothly.

Hi there,

I’m not sure if you can change the icon of the menu. However, you can choose to disable the menu completely. This way, your app users won’t be confused by two menu icons.

You can do this by disabling both the menu toggles on the Menu screen in the Settings section of your account.