Remove totally the menu options

I wish we could remove totally the menu option.
I already have one in my blog, it will be great remove the one by Appmysite and use only mine. It will be a better user experience, I do believe.


@piggy Great suggestion.

We’ve added this to our product roadmap. You should be able to track progress by following tasks on the roadmap.

I can see how this would be useful when we have bottom menu. Ex: close left menu and show only bottom.

Is there a way to see the progress for the setting to hide main menu or is there an estimated completion date? That is the only obstacle preventing me from launching my app. Right now the app show two menu’s.

I have a similar suggestion. I have a menu on my mobile site that works great. However, I want to keep the appmysite menu so people can manage push notifications.

It would be beneficial to have options for the menu icon in the top left corner. I use the “three line” menu on my site, so having two of them would confuse users. I want to have a “bell” icon, or something else that would signify “This is where you manage push notifications”

Hello there,
Is there an update as to when the menu options will be updated for the app, so we do not have two menu’s on the app?

I am also waiting for this before publishing my app in google store & Apple Store

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How long have you been waiting? I really like AppMySite, which is why I am waiting. But I think I started communicating with them 2-months ago about this issue.

I am here since April 4.
If it will take too much time, I will use another service :frowning:
I am not trying to put pressure, but things have to go fast, since I already to my audience an App will arrive soon. Soon, doesn’t mean, too much. :slight_smile: I will wait and see what happens :slight_smile:

I totally agree. We wanted to launch in June. But I am glad to told or audience “soon” and did not give a particular date. Let’s just wait a little while longer.

Did you try out your app with the new menu update? Mine worked, but I was wondering if you have a white space at the bottom of your app?


I didn’t know they were already an update about that.
I will check it and come back to you.

Hi @piggy and all those following this post !

The main menu was made optional on the 10th of May 2021. So you now have the following options :

  1. Auto populate my app menu
  2. Pick a menu from my website
  3. Turn off the menu

This change was deployed as soon as we introduced the Bottom Navigation feature.

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Thanks a lot, I will try this.
As soon as I can, I will be back to you to publish my app :slight_smile:

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Is anyone still having the double menu issue? My app still shows the AppMySite Menu and the mobile menu.

Hi @mstori

Have you tried disabling the two menu toggles on the Menu screen in the Settings module? Doing so should allow you to disable the app side menu altogether.

Hi @sheen,

I will try that option and see if the works and let you know. However, there is an error on the download option in AppMySite, therefore I have to wait until they resolve it.

I am unable to disable the side menu. Could I be doing something wrong. Will you let me know the steps to remove the appmysite side, pop out menu? I have attached the current menu that is selected on my app.

Hi @mstori

Disable the toggle next to Pick a menu from my website. Your side menu should go away after that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@sheen Thank you very much. That worked.

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