Can Administrator User Role BUILD app?

Sorry for the odd questions, 1st time on AppMySite on Tier5 license,

Can Administrator User Role BUILD & Download the app ?

the client that I gave him the Administrator role can not Download his app, but I can. But he can process the download steps just like I did on AppMySite

is it confirmed that the Admin user can not download his own app ? and need me as an owner to download it for him ?

Also, today I tried to process build & download my own app as owner , but it still processing until now, not yet finished. This is not like before, is it due to a server issue?

thanks for the help

any one here ?? i need help please

@agency990 If your client is able to generate a build, then he should be able to download the app too. This could be a technical error and AppMySite support will be able to shed more light on this. Here’s the link to the support channel if you haven’t raised a ticket yet: AppMySite

Build generation can sometimes take a little longer than usual. I’d suggest you give it 15-20 min. If it’s taking longer, this is again something the support team would be able to provide guidance on.

Hope this helps :smiley: