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Hi fellow users.

So, I’ve been using AMS (AppMySite) for 6 months now for various different e-shops and customers with crazy scenarios, you wouldn’t believe how much quicker and easier it is to do this for easy setups where the customers’ expectation is just to get to market with something that actually works - for larger projects we custom make of course. So, after debugging their app, I gotta say their code is actually not bad - it’s not bloated & their app builder seems to do a good job to exclude things you unselect from the settings when you’re configuring it. It’ll for sure get you approved on the respective app stores (within respect to its coding that is) - it also doesn’t seem to crash on severe benchmarking.

I’ve read some threads and messages from users mentioning Performance and their latency being high… allow me to help.

I’m a full stack dev - I use AMS for WooCommerce clients (small to enterprise). Why? Well, because it makes sense (for some).

I’ll give you a small understanding of how things work with AMS, before I explain later on the article how I can actually help you, if you’d like, of course.

So, what gives!? Why some AMS aps are faster than others?

First, we need to understand how AMS connects to your site to grab the products, css, html, java, description, etc… this is done via REST API & the traditional WP Login method POST/GET.

All good so far? Good. Sometimes the latency (how long it takes for data to be sent and received) may be higher than normal depending on a lot of factors - here’s some:

  • How many users are on the site (and app) at that given time.
  • How large is your database & how large is the query on the database.
  • What is the speed and latency between the user of the app and the db host.
  • Then we got pictures for the products (how big are the pictures (have you optimized them for mobile))?
  • Where is your server hosted?
  • Is cache enabled (and what sort of cache)?
  • Do you have Cloudflare PROPERLY setup? (it takes about 30 mins of setup alone)
  • Then we have the product descriptions. How much HTML and CSS is involved?
  • Here’s a big one: How many plugins are on the site (oh yes, play’s a HUGE role).
  • Then we have the server configuration, the SQL and MariaDB configuration which need to be tweaked.
  • much more.

APIs lie at the very heart of modern applications and evolving digital architectures, with API calls representing 83% of all web traffic, according to the [Akamai State of the Internet Security Report]. In today’s landscape, where it’s so easy for consumers to switch to a digital competitor, it is of the utmost importance for them to have a positive experience with your site or app. Speed is highly valued, and is ultimately driven by responsive, healthy, and adaptable APIs. If you get this right – your API is faster than your competitor’s – and your app will react flawlessly.

In short, if you simply build a new wordpress install, apply only the products with simple descriptions, no plugins and no custom coding, you’ll see that the AMS app will operate as expected but then as you add on things like plugins and more products and essentially when your DB increases, you’ll see it slow down (a lot). When your site is bloated, it may be ok for desktop but mobile native apps are a different story.

Contact me if you’re interested in me and my team in helping you with your project.


Hi im interested. But would you be able to quote me on my website first www.ohhnak.com.my

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Hi @Naturaw ,

I need to ask about WordPress-WooCommerce filters of AppMySite plugin.

I have tried to find some documentation and overview about this topic but nothing I found.

Last left community asks. Kindly please let me know;

Which of WooCommerce filter is giving AppMySite Woo product prices and then AppMySite is fetching data into the application;

How is possible to modify Woo filter and update default prices for AppMySite mobile app.

Thanks, Regards!

Nice job on your app!

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Much appreciated… lots of custom work done to it… you’d be amazed how much you can do with their plugin’s php config.