Website Slow upgrade to

im getting that my website is slow… but it’s not
my website running on VPS with 1GB internet & 60GB ram & 10 cores
and using a wpcompress CDN plugin with wprocket
my speed score is 90% mobile & 100% web
but the app working too much slow

what should i do now without migration to another host because i already pay for 2 years


Has the team not yet given a solution to this problem? It seems to reach everyone, even with good hosting.

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following this. Hope team will have answer and this answer will say that we are working on it.

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I just upgraded and started using it last night. When I tested it, it was super slow.
I wrote to support and they told me that it must be my website. However, my website loads very quickly outside the app. It even takes forever to move past the Splash page.

I don’t think they are aware of how to resolve this issue. They would first need to acknowledge that the issue exists though.

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This is an interesting thread. I think the speed on the app is dependent on the response time of the server, and not the speed of your website in a browser. Your website may load fast in a browser, but the app interacts directly with the website database. So if the response time is too much, the app will be slow too.


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I think the problem is because of lack of caching feature. It should be included in the appmysite wordpress plugin or use free wp rest cache plugin.

Changing host is an option, but when the same website is loading faster in a normal browser, then why not in the app?

I have the same issue what is the work now?

Hi @Tary and @Express_Pi,

Sorry for the late response as I kind of lost touch with this community for almost a full year.

Unfortunately, I lost the bookmark for that other app builder alternative when I upgraded my computer, sorry I can’t be more help.

Just a quick update:

At the time of my last post, I did and still do provide hosting as a reseller.

I discovered that a lot of the performance issues I experienced were in fact a result of my previous provider.

I made a switch to a far better reseller hosting platform, not because of AppMySite but for other reasons. Upon the switch, I decided to give AppMySite another try and tested things out. The performance difference was night and day. A test app using AppMySite now loads within split seconds. Now with my new hosting solution, I am confident in offering app services to clients knowing that my servers can handle it better than before.

That being said, I definitely think stuff can be done on AppMySite’s end in terms of improved performance but it absolutely does come down to a good quality hosting provider.

I hope this helps.

Since I have returned to using AppMySite, I will try to check in here a little more often.


Welcome back, kindly share your new hosting provider name

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