Slow Web View on Home page

The webview is slow on any page i add, and not on one app or one site, we’ve tested with multiple sites, apps ,etc, sites if open in a browser are fast ! , performance test via your system says all green ! but still takes good 7-8 seconds on the app to load. This is not done, your whole thing is converting a web to app ! which means “Web view” is your core part and its been a month i’ve been emailing you and your team says yes u know its a bug new fix in 2 days, 3 days bla bla, No update nor anything fixed. If you cant fix it , give us our refund.

We just made our app and are facing the same issue. Our website - on desktop and mobile works fine and is quick but is super slow on the app. Specially the home page! I tried contacting the team but no reply yet. Please let us know as well if you find any solution to this issue.