Can I create an app just for Wordpress? Not WooCommerce?

I think I’m missing something. On the official Wordpress plugin page for AppMySite, there is a link to the app builder just for Wordpress and then another for Wordpress plus WooCommerce. But they link to the same How To video.

When I’m building an app, it always asks for WooCommerce REST API credentials, even if I choose Blog only from the website type drop down menu.

Is there not a way to create an app for just a wordpress site that doesn’t have woocommerce? I mean, I guess I could install an empty woocommerce section just for the API credentials, but this feels very unintuitive.


Hi @Blue_Presley

I think there is a way to create an app just for WordPress, even if you don’t use WooCommerce. They’ve introduced a new option to establish connectivity with WordPress Application Passwords. So even if you don’t have WooCommerce on your website, you can establish connectivity regardless.

You can refer to this article on their website: