I installed AppMySite but can't connect AppMySite plugin with my account


I installed the AppMySite plugin on my WordPress site and I tried to verify my site at AppMySite site. However, it’s not successful. The following error message appeared:

It appears that the AppMySite plugin is not installed on your WordPress website.

Please see the screensthot: 03.06.2022-15.17.17 .

I clicked on the Troubleshoot Connectivity button and performed troubleshooting. Now all tests were passed: 03.06.2022-15.17.50 .

However, still I can’t verify my site and cannot connect my site with my AppMySite account.

Could you please let me know what I need to check in this case? Is it a bug in AppMySite service? How can I resove this issue?

Thanks for your help.

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Installing the plugin is just one part.

Did you grant access?


hi there, i’m experiencing the same. when i verify using woocommerce, everything passed.
but when i verify using Wordpress, it fails.

i hope they would release a fix soon

I wish they would cancel my account and delete apps

Hey @1111 a lot of the APIs that the AppMySite plugin uses are usually protected by firewalls/security plugins. So you’ll probably have to whitelist their domain or IP address to fix this. I found it in this article.

So @Express_Pi this is probably why WooCommerce connectivity is working but WordPress isn’t working, because different APIs are being hit at different access restrictions.

@Zennie62 have you tried reaching out to their support? Also you can delete the apps if you go to Settings → General, the delete app button is on the top right of the page.

I installed AppMySite but can’t connect AppMySite plugin with my account. after that truble shoot i got the error plugin is not installed, but plugin is already install

Hi @Vivek_Shahi I suggest that you reach out to their support department for this.

It could be happening due to different reasons. Here’s the link to log a ticket: