Connectivity Issues Between App My Site and WordPress

I am writing to seek assistance regarding connectivity issues I am experiencing between the dashboard of the App My Site and WordPress.

The problem I am encountering is as follows: while on WordPress, everything appears to be functioning correctly after disabling all plugins except App My Site, on the App My Site dashboard, I am encountering 9 out of 10 errors:

  • WordPress plugin installed: Success

  • WordPress plugin activated: Fail

  • WordPress API connectivity: Fail

  • Secure connectivity: Fail

  • Pretty links: Fail

  • Page connectivity: Fail

  • Post connectivity: Fail

  • Post type Connectivity: Fail

  • Taxonomy connectivity: Fail

  • Media connectivity: Fail

Despite my efforts to troubleshoot, including the creation of a WordPress Application-Password, I am unable to input the username and password successfully:

I have meticulously ensured that the domain matches identically between the two platforms, yet unfortunately, I am still unable to establish a connection between App My Site and WordPress.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or support you can offer in resolving this matter. If there are specific steps or configurations that need to be adjusted on either platform to facilitate proper connectivity, please let me know!


Hi @vitaliniperformance,

Please follow the steps mentioned in this link to troubleshoot connectivity issues. If you continue to face an issue, please contact email support using this link.