Cannot grant access and connect to app


I am having trouble connecting my website to the app, 9/11 passed only the API Details Validation/ Authorisation vailed ( Username and Application Password are not authorised. )

the error:
{“code”:“rest_no_route”,“message”:“No route was found matching the URL and request method.”,“data”:{“status”:404}}

i tried:
-double check application username and password
-previous php and wordpress version
-set permalinks to post name
-re install wordpress completely

i am working on a clean install of wordpress

Hope anyone can help me,
Greetings Roelien

Same issue,
Please share any posible solution.


also experiencing the same thing as at 28/11/2023 help would be appreciated

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having same problem, Please share any posible solution.

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…same problem - somebody fixed it?

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Try username of the user in stead of application username ( so administator username and aplication password )

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Thank you very much, now it works!

After weeks of troubleshooting - my problem was Cloudflare. I had the Cloudflare plugin installed on Wordpress - and until I turned it to “basically off” I was unable to do anything. I had to tweak things on Cloudflare’s site as well. I hope that helps somebody.

I had the same problem and finally figured it out.

  1. Add their IP address to your “whitelist” of your firewall.
  2. Install the plugin from AppMySite and not from your wordpress.
  3. Create a separate application password.
  4. Use your wordpress admins’ username and the application’s password.
  5. Install the downloaded plugin and activate it.
  6. Use AppMySite to verify plugin.
  7. Then confirm application connection.
  8. Run their troubleshooting option for all remaining connections.
  9. Once you get all “yes”. Start building your app.

When you dobyour preview, the Apple version seems to operate smoother than Android. I have noted this with their support and they are working on fix.

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Hi @roelienmeijer,

Please let us know if the connectivity issue is resolved. If you require assistance, please reach out to email support by clicking on this link.