Can I give clients access to their app settings so they can manage it themselves?

I am a web developer, and I include an AppMySite app for each of my clients.

Once I’ve created an app, can I invite them to login some how and manage their own app? If this is possible already, please shoot me a link to the docs.

If this is not possible, I would like to definitely see this in the roadmap.

Scenario: I create an app for my client, then I invite them to login. From that point they have access to that particular app to update and configure as they see fit, and that frees me up from having manage it on their behalf.


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As far as I could see, when we add users, they can access all the apps, it should just be your exclusive app.

@Blue_Presley I think when you invite a client to a particular app, they can only view the app they’re invited to, and not the other apps. You can also choose which role you’re assigning to the client, in order to control their access level.