Custom integration from WooCommerce

Hi everyone,

Today I need to ask about WordPress-WooCommerce filters of AppMySite plugin.

I have tried to find some documentation and overview about this topic but nothing I found.

Last left community asks. Please tell me if somebody knows;

Which of WooCommerce filter is giving AppMySite Woo product prices and then AppMySite is fetching data into the application;

How is possible to modify Woo filter and update default prices for AppMySite mobile app.

Thanks, Regards!

It’s not hard to debug their .php file in your wp directory to see how it operates… you can actually do many custom edits in here that become live on the app - but remember that your edits will go away upon an update from APS (so backup your edits) and the perform a file-change compare if and when updated by the author to see what is different.