Directorist - Native integration to show All Listings as cards

Hi! Has anyone succesfully created an app for Directorist?

I guess under the CPT integration one could pull individual listing, but I’m wondering about the general listings and search (all listings) without having to use webview, same as we list the Woocommerce Products, on a grid that we can customize (since each directory might have different fields).

Hopefully someone has don it and can shed some light! Or if not, then @appmysite can let us know if this can be added to the roadmap


Hi @synergetic you should be able to add a page of all of your listings using the CPT integration on their bottom bar or menu options.

If you don’t select a specific listing then it should just show everything. At least that’s how it worked for my CPT that I added on my app.

Thanks @Akash !

I really wished that @appmysite could reply to the forum :frowning: I feel like they don’t care about their community, all my posts have been unanswered from them so far (not ALL, but I would say 90%).

Since I bought this I haven’t been able to use it because drop down for locations and custom fields for the woo checkout do not work, I find it very sad and frustrating to be honest…

Hey @synergetic, yeah it looks like they very rarely reply to any posts. But they do say that the community is for customers and that it’s not supposed to be for posting issues on this post: