Feature Request: Native Checkout

Native checkout on the app. It does not make sense to have users log in again in a web view window. This is annoying customers and in a sense make the app incomplete.

If you get a user all the way to be willing to pay, you do not want to throw a hurdle in front of him/her and lose the sale.


I think AppMySite recently launched an update which basically retains the native app login session when the app opens a webview interface. So basically, your app users won’t have to login again when they’re redirected to the webview interface during checkout.

Here are the release notes from the update: https://www.appmysite.com/support/news/release-notes-10-06-2021/

This is an absolute must. It’s not really a commerce app if you have to bounce people out to a browser (or use an in-app browser) to complete checkout. I full stacked and was very surprised (disappointed) to see that checkout is not native. I really hope they can take care of this quickly!


@stackbrothers I think they offer web view checkout to support all payment gateways. It would otherwise be difficult to support every payment gateway out there. I found this on their website: https://www.appmysite.com/support/kb-doc/why-are-my-app-users-redirected-to-a-web-view-checkout/

That’s a huge sacrifice and feels like a cop-out. Supporting the three major checkout gateways (Stripe, Paypal, and maybe Authorize) would at least let people have an option.


agreed… their checkout is currently hanging anyways, been like this for 2 weeks. no reply from devs.

What is hanging? Checkout on your website or waiting on the app to send them there?

For me, the credit card option at PayPal was not working in the transparent checkout, but started to work when I made it open another screen… not really the best, but better than nothing right now.