App login session retention

Hi there,

I am going to upgrade to a paid plan to take advantage of this service.
But before I do, there is one thing that I could not see in the preview.

It’s about “app login session retention”.
My project thinking that it will be a web view of an online learning site created in wordpress, but I couldn’t tell if it would be possible to achieve the advantage of the app, which is not having to log in repeatedly.

Can you please tell me more about this?

I’ve checked the following pages and others, but there doesn’t seem to be enough information on where and how to check that, how long the session retention period is, and whether the lack of mention of android is because it is not supported.

May this question help us all to be saved.
Best regards.

Hi @Kosuke_Sato

I checked and AppMySite seems to have launched an update a while back that retain the app login session when a webview interface is opened. Here’s an article on the same:

Hi @sheen

Thank you for letting me know!

As far as I can tell from the release notes from the article, it’s supported on iOS, but not on Android…?

Also I am not good at English, sorry if this is a weird way of communicating…