Hide cookies popup notice

I would like to hide on app the popup cookies notice I have in original site.
I think it don’t make sense in a app.
How do it ? I use for cookies popup " Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA" plugin

Hi @diniscampos I assume you’re using webviews in your app. This is probably why you’re seeing this cookie popup. To remove this on the app, you’ll basically have to remove it on your website.

I found this resource on webviews on AppMySite’s website. Hope it helps https://www.appmysite.com/support/kb-doc/how-can-i-enable-web-view-on-my-app/

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Thanks @sheen

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I have a similar problem.
Do you save cookies between different user sessions? It feels like not. So the plugin asks for permission to use cookies every time than user open a website.

I save the cookies, so I don’t have that problem…