Popup links functionalities - Convertbox

I wish we could have the ability to use a popup link in the app.
For exemple, I use Convertbox and I put lots of link in my articles/posts, and when you click these link a popup appear, that give me the opportunity to segment my traffic by interest.
I wish this would work in the App

Hi @piggy!

Is it correct to assume that you already have Convertbox integrated with your website, and that when you view your pages in the app with the web view setting turned on, the popup appears on your pages, but the links are not clickable?

Ideally, the web view browser within the app should be able to render all links, similar to Safari or Chrome browsers. Would you be able to share your domain name here?

Here is my domain name : http://bassistepro.com/
Sorry, I just saw your message now, I didn’t received any notification about it.