Real page builder for native app

App pages can not be designed. There can be only an embedded webview to show cool stuff but that will take a long time to render. :frowning:

If you develop a page builder for simple pages that lets us add Slider/Banner - Slider/Categories - Text - Video, etc., then we will be able to create fast and pretty apps.

That way we can create simple pages with app page builder and we can show with webview: complicated wp pages.



Although this is part of our product roadmap (spread across multiple modules and upcoming features) I’d like to clarify that we have no intention of replicating WordPress functionality within AppMySite. We rely on WordPress and theme developers to make it easy for all WordPress users like yourself, to create pages within WordPress. We do not wish to mimic/replicate that functionality.

We’re currently working on a new home screen builder that will eventually allow users to add elements to the home screen of the app. This feature is likely to include options such as text, video etc etc. Eventually, this feature will be extended and may be made available within other areas within AppMySite, and eventually will be part of the non-wordpress and non-CMS feature set.

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this will be a great feature. All I wanted is to ask, can we build our website in maybe any page builder like clickfunnels and convert that using appmysite?
maybe in near future, or is it too tough to implement it.
as this will be a golden feature.

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@appmysite any update here would be of much help to me.