New home screen builder


I’m really glade to see you are working on “New home screen builder” feature. Is this a page builder like all of us know “Elementor plugin” which means we can just drag and drop to build app home page the layout/way we like?

Please help to elaborate.

Thank you,

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Hi @Sovann

As always I’d like to start by clarifying that we have no intention of replicating WordPress functionality within AppMySite. We rely on WordPress and theme developers to make it easy for all WordPress users like yourself, to create pages within WordPress. We do not wish to mimic/replicate that functionality.

To answer your question, yes, to some extent that is the plan. I’m unable to say too much at this stage as we are yet to start on this feature, but the objective is going to be to build something comparable to the Elementor or Divi page builder and allow support for text areas, videos, images etc, in a simple drag-drop layout.

Feel free to follow up with more questions once the tasks moves to “In Progress” on our product roadmap.


Amazing! Love to see this update release soon. Thanks

A few thoughts that may help better this feature !!

  1. Will this option be available to subPages too?

  2. Will these Pages be in the App package so that it won’t have to load every time the app launches?

  3. Instead of Just a Homepage builder, make it a Page builder with the ability to make as many pages and link them to each other with Page IDs like web links.

  4. Let the Page builder have some Page and Block templates like in Elementor.