Add ability to create web app for ANY site, not just Wordpress or CMS

Hi! I would be great if we could use the framework to create web apps for any site regardless of CMS system used.

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That can help a lot who dont need a native app but stay between web and app. Speacilly for small businesses.

@synergetic @ongun_cakal

We understand the need for an independent app, not associated with a CMS.

This feature is already part of our product roadmap. Feel free to follow the task to get notified once the status of this task changes.

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Hey guys @ongun_cakal @synergetic this feature went live a couple months ago if you still want to check it out.

Hi Akash, I did just tried it, It seems to work alright for wrapping websites, but it needs to be able to have more natica-app-like modules, or else it gets rejected on the app stores; In andromo we can add RSS feeds from different sources, so just using that we can create cards for the rss items. We can also add videos, audios, texts, upload html, etc…

So in general AMS can still improve this a lot more.

BTW, do you work for AMS? I see you are replying to a lot of my posts like a user, but always trying to argue in favor of AMS in the topics were our user needs are not being met. So it makes me wonder…

I like AMS, but I’m frustrated because i bought the highest tier and I haven’t been able to use on real life not even once! This week i gave it another hance, but the same problems i had a year ago I still have…

In any case, thanks for letting us know about the feature being live