Add RSS Feed reader for external and internal sources

A great way to extend functionality of the AppMySite framework would be the ability to add RSS feeds (external, or otherwise), just like which would allow to create content feeds that could be monetize via ads, or to add post types that are not supported natively.

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Hey, it looks like they’ve added support for both monetization (through Google AdMob) and custom post types (through their Bottom bar).

Maybe you can create an app on the free plan and check these out again?

Hi @Akash ! I own top tier LTD for AMS. My post is about adding RSS feeds as cards/grids/galleries. The monetization part is just explaining an use case (I’ve build and monetize android apps with appyet, which is 100% based on RSS feeds, that’s why I explained one of it’s uses).

But another BIG use is to add “native functionality” to webview apps, as just having web wrapper might get apps rejected, but if we could add some cards from feeds that can be read in-app, saved, shared, etc… then the apps would be accepted in the app stores by complying with their rules of not publishing apps that do not add any extra functionality different from the mobile version of websites.

Hey @synergetic sorry for not replying earlier. It does sound good.

I saw that they recently added a whole feature request page for their website now, AppMySite Feature Requests

I talked to one of their chat agents and he confirmed that going forward they’d be using this page to get featured requests only. So if this still isn’t part of their offering I suggest that you add it as a feature request now.