Business Directory integration

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I suggest to support a solution like GeoDirectoryor Directories Pro

@Caliosso it seems a lot of the plugins you’re requesting are somewhat supported by AppMySite. See this link for ref: Where can I show custom post types and taxonomies in my app? - AppMySite

Thanks, does it represent a lot of work in the context of theses plugins?

It should if these plugins create custom post types. If there’s some other functionality, you’re better off simply rendering a webview version of your website in the app.

So we have to give up about gps features (or in general with hardware device features) ? or maybe a collaboration between appmysite with some script providers can be established to not rely on just displaying things in a webview?

To add on what barroshill was saying, gps features do work, if you just load that page as a webview.