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I suggest to support PeepSo

PeepSo should also work since support for custom post types and taxonomies is available. I found this article which should help you with getting support for these plugins: Where can I show custom post types and taxonomies in my app? - AppMySite

Thanks, does it represent a lot of work in the context of Peepso?

I think it should. If you have Peepso on your website, try adding a CPT or taxonomy to the bottom bar or side menu. If you can’t, you should contact AppMySite support because they do say that they support CPTs created with any plugin, including Peepso.

Then if it represent a lot of work, i continue to suggest to tupport Peepso so instead everyone work a lot, a lot of time & energy would be saved, and that’s important for the planet :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it requires too much work. Have you tried adding Peepso taxonomies and post types in the bottom bar?

Hey , I saw that they recently added a whole feature request page for their website now, AppMySite Feature Requests

I talked to one of their chat agents and he confirmed that going forward they’d be using this page to get featured requests only. So if this still isn’t part of their offering I suggest that you add it as a feature request now.