App buddypress support ,chat , activity, member...etc

hello to these nice community users ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I saw that here we can suggest a new plugin that may be supported using appmysite when users create their sites!

i think it may help a lot of users that want to start their own community at WordPress and at the same create a connected app that includes wordpress+buddypress community+ woocomerce as a complete app that has the most alternative features to Facebook, so I’m going to ask if there is a near date that you will start supporting BuddyPress mostly it’s chat and community activity

and if there is any other community member thinks that this will improve app building and make it a lot more advanced then support this thread, please!

thank you!

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I’d suggest Buddyboss support as it has the same features of buddypress + bbpress but implemented better with more controls and features.

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they both are great and will give us a good apps