Buddypress/buddyboss integration / community with woocomerce app

the usage of buddypress/ buddyboss has increased a lot, it will help us to make apps like facebook/twitter/what’s app within a few minutes using appmysite platform

I found only 2 sites that give you the ability to create an app for BuddyPress/buddyboss with so I suggest that it’s the best to be added here

support if you think this integration must be added

Hey, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to achieve this using the webviews in the bottom bar. They don’t have native integrations with this, but it does work with webviews.

Then what’s the point of the app if it won’t use the Buddypress User info for actual User settings?

Hey @ace with the webviews it’ll work just like your mobile site, so the Buddypress user info in the app will be the same as your website

No, I’m talking about how there’s User settings NATIVELY in the app - it doesn’t recognize the BuddyBoss profile. I understand it uses ProfileX - but the users can’t even swap out their standard avatar or other user info natively in the app.

Have you requested this? If not, the community can’t do anything other than discuss your idea.

If enough users back you up, AMS will consider it. That’s how they work.