Trying to combine ams with my woocommerce login

So my sites login which connects to my paid registration isn’t connected to my app site . I can’t figure out how to make them the same .right now becoming a member of my app has nothing to do with joining a membership plan anybody know how to fix this


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Did you try checking whether you have enabled ‘Allow customers to create an account during checkout’ and ‘Allow customers to create an account on the “My account” page’ under WP Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce → Settings → Accounts & Privacy → Account creation.

I have also heard that enabling ‘Allow customers to log into an existing account during checkout’ helps under the same Accounts & Privacy → Guest Checkout.

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I have the same issues and I have all that enabled, but the login on my app doesn’t recognize my woocommerce account, did anyone had the same issue?


Did anyone find a fix for that?

I thing I may have the same issue.
I am using a membership plugin (Indeed ultimate membership pro), and some pages are not accessible to non logged in users. The app is picking up my wp subscribers and allows for login. However, when someone logs in the app, the pages and products are not accessible.
Session is not used in web view or what?
I used force cache and then also enabled web view for pages, posts and products.
It got fixed for 20-30 minuites and then stopped working again.

Please let me know if someone knows some fix.

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