AMS Login Screen and WordPress Login problem

Hello! I’m using for the first time AppMySIte, love it, but I have a question: I’m using it as a WordPress app, my site has Adverts posted by users (second hand shop).
Is the Login Screen in AMS supposed to make a registered wordpress user log in the app but ALSO in Wordpress? Because when trying to login with AMS, I can log in to the App, but the user is not Logged in to my wordpress site… I’m using wordpress plugin UsersWP to manage subscriptions, could it be the problem?
Thank you for any help!


I have a suggestion, but I would also like to hear if you found some solution.
Where you able to fix it? did anyone find a fix for that?

I thing I may have the same issue.
I am using a membership plugin (Indeed ultimate membership pro), and some pages are not accessible to non logged in users. The app is picking up my wp subscribers and allows for login. However, when someone logs in the app, the pages and products are not accessible.
Session is not used in web view or what?

I used force cache and then also enabled web view for pages, posts and products.
It got fixed for 20-30 minuites and then stopped working again.

Please let me know if someone knows some fix.

Best regards,.

I made some testing and I saw that if I log in with my admin account it works also as wp login, but with any other account (even with administrator role) it only login to the app but not on wp… cannot understand why… I tried to disable any other plugin, but nothing changes.
For now I disabled app login and I’m using wp login. I’ll do some more test.