Google play console refuses aab uploads for latest AMS code versions

Hi, is anyone else facing this issue with the last two AMS code versions when pulising to AMS: when uploading the AAB bundle to the google play console, an error is shown stating: “Duplicate declarations of element ‘android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE’ in manifest with different maxSdkVersions.”. I did not change any settings or permission requirements since the last build which I was able to publish. Any pointers are welcome, I reached out to support as well but my experience there is less than optimal.

I am having the same issue. Did you ever come up with a solution?

I flagged the issue with AMS support, it is currently being escalated and followed-up. I hope it will be resolved soon because also with the iOS version of the app we are facing issues of undesired behavior at deploy time at the moment. De facto we cannot update our app anymore on either platform.

thanks your support
I mean…


September 15, 2023

New mobile app versions for iOS and Android!

“Last week we rolled out updated mobile app versions for all four of our products: WooCommerce to App, WordPress to App, Web to App, and Custom App.”
I am having an issue “Custom App”

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Hi, in my case AMS support released an update and this resolved the issue… sorry I cannot be of more help.

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Maybe to clarify: I am using the latest code versions of site-to-app on iOS and Android

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Hi @Billhill55 ,

Has this been addressed, or do you still continue to face an issue?