Google Play's target API level requirements

cant able to update app on googe play store because of Google Play’s target API level requirements

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Yes, I got the same message from the Google Play store, I think appmysite uses target API level Android 12 (API level 31) while Google wants us to use target Android 13 (API level 33).
so I think this should be appmysite responsibility. they say it should be fixed by end of August.

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OK, great.

Actually, from 31st August, all app in Play Store have to target Android 13.

So wait and see !

I have found you can request an extension from Google till 1st November, I hope appmysite resolves this on their side quickly otherwise their service is pretty much non-functional on android.

same message received here, I have already left a query in support, I guess they will solve this problem soon.

Same here need to update this soon

Any updates on this?

Did you get an answer yet?

is it fixed guys? or still a problem?