Uploading to Google Play

I completed my app on appmysite, downloaded it, and then tried to put it on Google Play Console. I have followed all the tutorial videos as shown here:

When I attempt to upload it, I get this message:
You need to use a different package name because “com.google” is restricted
Why would the site send me an app with a package name that is restricted?
What can I do?

It shows on the plan compare chart that the starter pack will publish to Google Play. It does not. It gives you a package file that is not accepted by Google Play.
I attempted to close my account and it says to delete your files and workspace. You can not.
I clicked on help and emailed support. They sent me an email that says if I need help to email support. Really?
I have contacted the bank and contested their charges.
Beware. It’s a trap. Don’t do it.

Hey it looks like the bundle IDs (or package name) they automatically generated for the app you created had some conflict with Google. I’ve had their support team update the bundle ID for my app before when migrating my app to a Workspace, so they should be able to do the same for you.

Simply getting your bundle ID updated would resolve this, but it’s not good that the default bundle ID that was generated for your app couldn’t be uploaded.