Hide bottom bar crash application


I encountered issues, when i hide bottom bar, my app crash and display a failed emoticon (cf: screenshot)
Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 13.40.03

Can you help me please ?



Same issue. And I tried with 3 completely different website builds. The app works perfectly fine if the Bottom Bar is on. Once it is disabled, or empty, it crashes the Web App.

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same issue on 2024… its looks like theres no default setting on Menu, that’s why the app wont show default page when hiding bottom menu… (there’s default setting on bottom menu, that’s why)

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Hi @william,

Since you are on a Web-to-App solution, the app will render the Home Screen via the Bottom Bar. With the current setup, the bottom bar must be enabled and have at least one icon configured. You can configure the icon to show the Home screen. You can set it to default, then choose Item type as web view and enter the website URL you want to display on the Home Screen.