Hide top bar in webview and directly launch home page of website after splash screen

Hello, is there any way of directly launching the home page of my website right after the splash screen? I don’t want any bottom menu or any other thing. Directly my website home page should launch after splash screen.

Secondly, I wish to remove the top bar which shows the refresh icon and open in browser menu.
Please help

Hi. Yes you need to disable login prompt and set the home page tp webview and uncheck the default layout.

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Did this work? I’m struggling to get this removed ??

Hey, on the Home Screen settings there’s a Home Header option which you can use to disable the header. Additionally, if you turn all options but the Web View off on this page then only your website will be shown directly. In the webview settings you’ll be able to change it to a page on your website.

The bottom bar can just be removed from going to Settings → Bottom bar. Though this doesn’t seem possible now for non-WordPress websites.