Menu links open in webview

I am having problems creating a menu header, in wordpress I have it set up in Elementor and when I set up the menu it opens the pages with web view and I need the pages to open without share or open in browser, in short I need the pages to open on the native app

Hi @Hernan_Sandoval From what I understand, if the menu is setup via Elementor (in webview), the menu pages will also open in webview. I don’t there’s any way around it. If you insist on using the Elementor menu, you can have a native menu via the bottom bar. Based on the options you select in the bottom bar, your app can open native screens.

Whenever I open my app it directly takes to my website and then to go to the app I need to press back button.

Hi @Shaik_Burhan on the Home Screen if you have the webview option enabled as well as some of the other ones it can break sometimes. I was having the same trouble when I was designing my app.

I turned the webview option off and that solved it!

Also to add onto what @barroshill said, in the Settings options, I see Pages and Posts, if you turn the webview option off from there your menu should open the links natively.

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