Publishing undefined method of 'Team_ID'

I am trying to publish my app and I am new to this. When I publish, I get the message "Undefined method of ‘Team_ID’ for nil:nilclass. I verified that my TeamID on the publish page matches the Team ID with my apple account. Is there someplace else to search for this?

Crickets. I’ve surfed the net with no answers unless you are using code. I submitted a request through support to see if I get an answer.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand that you’re encountering an error message while submitting your iOS app, specifically the “undefined method team_id’ for nil:NilClass” error.

This error typically occurs when the app listing has not been created for your app on your App Store Connect account. To resolve this issue, please follow the steps outlined in our support guides:

“Prepare for Submission” guide: This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to prepare your app for submission to the App Store. It covers important aspects such as creating your app listing, configuring app information, and more. You can access the guide here:

“Set Up App Privacy” guide: This guide will assist you in setting up app privacy details, as per the requirements of Apple’s App Store. It covers information related to data collection, privacy policy, and more. You can access the guide here:

By following these guides, you will ensure that your app listing is properly configured, and you have provided the necessary privacy information. Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to proceed with the app submission process without encountering the mentioned error.