Why preview real device always show default app?


I try to preview my app on my iphone, testflighed install, then scan the qr code, but always got the default demo app of appmysite, not mine?

Anyone got this issue?

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I have the same issue and did not yet find a solution. I am using testflight from the App Store connect in order to test the app on a real device at the moment because the “test on a real device” is not functional anymore

I found that we have to press on four square icon buttons, then login with our account on appmysite, then we can see our app there :slight_smile:


Thanks, I tried that and while my login succeeds I am still redirected to the default app :frowning:

Thank you, @Phuong_SuSu. Just as you said, tapping the icon at the lower right of screen with the four squares took me back to a screen where I could select from “AppMySite,” which is the demo app, and my app below. Once I selected my app it worked as expected. I must’ve fumble-fingered the four-square button at some point in testing.

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