Will Apps Using Webview be Accepted on App Store

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can advise me on this from experience. I’ve read in some places that iOS does accept some apps utilising web view as long as they maintain an App experience but in other places I’ve been told that iOS will reject any apps which utilise webview. As I’ve only ever published on Android before, I’m unsure whether I’ll need to remove any webview from the app at all, which does limit the functionality.

Using webview in some places will really help me so I’d like to use it, as long as this won’t lead to any apps being rejected.

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Hey @Richb, in my experience, Apple hasn’t rejected apps I’ve submitted just because it’s a webview app, if the app does get rejected it’s because it’s missing overall functionality like in-app purchases. Which is on the roadmap but, yeah seems that unless if you’re selling digital products, there don’t seem to be many issues.

And even those get accepted sometimes.

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Thanks Akash, I appreciate you answering my question.

That makes sense. So in your experience, there shouldn’t be much of an issue with, for example, a Shopify shop selling clothing or a business directory being webview as long as they have a native feel? It’s more than likely going to be an issue if submitting apps which are trying to do something like in-app purchases in a way which are not native?

Have I understood that correctly?

That’s right, in my experience stores that sell physical products have no issues getting on the App Store.

There’s a way around this, as well.

You can just disable the webview pages on the app while the app is in review. When accepted, just change the settings in AMS.

FYI - Google accepts apps way easier and with much less hassle.