Zapier Integration for Push Notifications

Hi, is there a way to integrate Zapier so that actions like push notifications can be triggered automatically?

For example, if there is a new post on the WordPress site, a push notification can be triggered automatically so that users do not have to log into AppMySite every time

Or what if an order’s status changes? Zapier could push the notification directly to the app’s user instantly.

Or what if there is a news blog, and the developer wants featured articles to be pushed instantly as notifications? Zapier could do that instantly as well.

These are just a few of the potential use cases. Can an integration like this be created?

You can achieve push notifications using firebase, onesignal and zapier. It’s not something that AMS supports internally but it can be achieved using the methods I mentioned. However, this requires your own coding and custom integration.

If you’re not familiar with how and what not, I can quote you for setting it up and training you to do it yourself.

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Hi @Naturaw

I need to do push notifications for segmented users, and specifics events. Please send me your information to set it up.