Specific User & User Segmentation for push notification

I have feature request for send notification: Segmentation and Spesific User Selection.

if you bring us segmentation system we can send notifications to specific users.

Example: I want to offer a discount only to young women, but I can’t segment them and I can’t send any notification.
Or for a special discount or information I want only send notification to 1 person…

Please take this to your attention.

Thank you.

Hi @ongun_cakal

I think push notification segmentation is not yet live, but it’s on their roadmap. You can also do notification segmentation through Firebase. So if you have a Firebase account, you can segment notifications based on many different criteria.

@sheen I have no experience with firebase, but I’m trying to figure it out. Do you have any experience?

As I mentioned on above, exactly what I need is the ability to segment and send specific notifications to specific users. If you’ve been able to do that with firebase, I’d like to talk to you about it.

Please contact me: onguncakal@gmail.com

Hi @ongun_cakal

I haven’t tried out Firebase for sending push notifications yet. Will get back to you once I try it out.

I hope @appmysite will show this how to do. Because their help page is limited about this.
I mean this url:

There is not all information and we can not puzzle it self, specially when you dont have any experience with firebase… A video from the begining till the end for send notificaiton with firebase will be very helpfull.

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@Naturaw do you send notificaiton to all users? or send to spesific user?
I need send to spesific user.

The two things I would like to create with Firebase are;

1- send some information only selected user
example: send to 18-25 ages or only womens, or only mens, or only user ID 1-5-74, or only to admins, or only to purchased users etc.

2- send some information with integrated api:
example: when a chatbot is active in a website and a user requests to speak to a human, send this information to firebase via api integration and notify the owner app with firebase.

if you have experience would love to talk.
Thank you.

Hi @ongun_cakal did you solve this? If so could you help and show me how? Have the same issue. Thanks!

Hi @ongun_cakal,

We have enhanced the Push Notifications feature, and it should be rolled out in a couple of days.