Adding Country/State/City dropwdowns


Please consider adding support for a multi-country plugin like:

To allow dropdown selections of locations from the App, right now this isn’t supported (i personally use this plugin for my country: Departamentos y ciudades de Colombia para WooCommerce – Plugin WordPress | España )



I need the same support, thanks

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I need this support thank you

Have you guys tried using the Multisite add-on? If you have a WordPress multisite network and have a different website for each country, the multisite add-on could help. It basically allows you to connect multiple apps, assign a country to each app, and create a single app for multiple websites. Here’s the add-on page for more info: Multisite | Add-on | AppMySite

Hi @sheen

It’s for a completely different purpose. The multi-site add-on doesn’t have any relevance in this use case.

The Country in my case is fixed, but I need dropdowns for State and City, for delivery and invoicing. And because our invoices have to go through government approval each time, the city and state must be exact, so we can’t leave it as one text for the customer to write (too many typos make it impossible to automate the process).


Hi @synergetic

From what I understand, you want to show dropdown menus for state and city fields during checkout. I think AppMySite supports the WooCommerce Checkout Field editor, so if you setup your website checkout with this plugin (and include dropdowns for states and cities), the same should sync to the app as well.

I found this on their support section:

Hope this helps.

Hi @sheen I’ve already tried that and spent over a month with @appmysite s support trying to get this sorted, at the end it didn’t work on my site (can’t speak for other people).

But there are two problems here: 1. they chose to support a paid plugin, instead of a more popular free option, that forces us to pay an additional annual fee per site (that could be avoided).

  1. The checkout editor doesn’t actually allow having automatic dropdowns for Country/State/Cities. So even if they didn’t support any checkout editor, the dropdown should still work, because these lists get loaded from a hook before. This means the support for the dropdowns is still required.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, the need persists.

@AppMysite any chance you could please support this? This is still not working for me :frowning:

I bought my Agency plan in March 2021, so far I haven’t been able to use this for me or any of my clients, as State and Cities are mandatory to be included in government issue invoices, so we need to have this values exactly as they are mapped in our ERP/Invoicing software, this is not a vanity or desired feature, is a mandatory one in highly regulated countries like mine (Colombia)

Please consider this, specially since the plugin to do this in WooCommerce is free (mentioned it in my first post: States, Cities, and Places for WooCommerce – Plugin WordPress | España)