Not work for brazilian users

Brazilian need use various fields exclusive…

All fields are enable using the plugin “brazilian market on woocommerce”, but in myApp not working this.

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Hi @Rodrigo_Fleury

I assume you’re trying to show custom fields at the checkout screen that are specific for Brazilian customers. You can try out the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor, which allows you to customize the checkout screens. AppMySite provides support for this plugin, so you should be able to show the website’s checkout in the app. Here’s an article I found on their website:

The biggest problem is that this creates another fixed cost (50 dollars/year) and before buying it is even not so clear if it will work.
For brazilian users the Correios plugin also doesn’t work.

Hi @jaque

I hear your point on the cost. I checked and this plugin has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work, you can always get a refund.

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thanks for this info!

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Just got my money back, as this didn’t work either. Unfortunately.

I still don’t understand why AppMySite chose to integrate to a paid plugin instead of integrating to something like this: Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin | which is free and used by almost half a million sites!

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That was my feeling also… but anyway. It does not work.
Had to refund, and the app that is still useless for my clients… =(

Hey, from what I see they only integrate plugins that are on the WooCommerce store probably because they will use similar API structures as WooCommerce itself. So integrating those will be much easier and seamless than if they were to integrate non-WooCommerce specific plugins.

But that’s just my guess.

Well, the plugins in the woocommerce store are not necessarily made by the Woocommerce team (most aren’t).

Actually most well coded plugins follow the codex and the dev guidelines and hooks, so this should be broad, not super narrow as it is right now. I’ve used at least 5 different checkout systems integrating them to other systems via API and they work flawlessly.

The plugin AppMySite claims that works actually did not work for me, so it’s more on AMS side rather than the actual plugins.

On a last note: Everybody knows WordPress is desirable because you can add functionality via plugins, and this makes it a complex environment, so an App maker that is 100% specialized on WordPress should have many workarounds for this, same as many other plugins/saas in the space.

Thanks for letting me know, they haven’t added any other plugin integrations for a while since the Universal shipping plugin update so I do hope that they get back on this at some point.