Cannot show one payment method (supermarket pickup)

When you can see from the 2 screenshots. One is checkout at Desktop, one is checkout at APP.
The app is missing one option as I mark out in the Desktop screenshot.
The missing payment method is ‘EZShip’. Ezship is both a shipping method and payment method, becuase customer can pay later at the supermarket when pick-up as well.
Please suggest how to fix it.

Best Regards,
Nancy Chou

there’s no access to your files. I do experience the same problem as in store pickup is quite common in Denmark to reduce the shipping costs. I use another plugin but it sounds similar. The support got back to me that this is not supported and I could ask the community for help or add it to the roadmap and hope for many votes. That might be very difficult to get many votes as it is used locally.

Hi @KouiDK , thanks for your feedback. were you able to solve the issue eventually? or you didn’t use this app eventually.

best Regards

Hi Nancy

They suggested to have the community to wrote for the feature or have them develop it starting at $2000. But the problem is that the plugin you use for this is not the same as I do so it’s not going to be easy. I ended up not using the app for shops because it is not really possible.

Got it. Are you using other APP solutions? which one?