Different headers look on each view in the app

We tested your software and really need the possibility to set up the same look for each view. When we are using the web view, your software forces you to add the belt at the top of the view.
We do not have a lot of options to control this area. We can just switch on or off for the back arrow, website URL, previous and next buttons, or options icon.
The back button is okay. The website URL looks like in a standard browser, which is unprofessional for an app. The same situation with the previous and next buttons. The last thing - the options icon is also not good because it gives us just a few predefined actions.

We do not want it. It is stealing free area from the header and as you know - every single pixel is important in apps.

The solution is:

  • The simple way - give us the possibility to switch it off.
  • The hard way - give us the possibility for more control - like with the bottom bar.

The first one is also very good for us because we can add what we need in HTML (web view).

We really need it. In our opinion, it’s a UX problem, and it has an unprofessional look because when we come from one view to the other they have different looks.

I hope that other users think the same as we do.

Are you talking about controlling the options within webview? Such as “show domain name”, “Show Back & Forth arrows” & “Show Options shortcut”, under AppMySite

If so, don’t expect AMS to change the settings in here without a feature request: AppMySite Feature requests

Other than than, you can 99.9% customize and achieve what you need with some coding from within your site itself.

We have two apps with AMS and a sophisticated back-end for each app. All of our programming and requirements have been achieved with little to no coding.

You would have to be more detailed on your app requirements, give examples (including screenshots) and perhaps a walk through of how it should work.

AMS is pretty clear on their product before you become their client, so if you’re looking to have a $50K app for $49 a month, I would go custom.