Header Bar Customization - Urgent!

Hi, could you please allow us to hide the header in appearance area.
If we don’t want to use brand, shop, account and slide menu on top area, the top bar is just unnecessary. But we can not modify this area.

Let us customize this area.
Let us hide each section - Slider menu - Logo - Account - Cart
Let us hide all with background./or only background. (transparent)

For now, for us this is really urgent!
Hope you can help for this.

I support this post. We have the same issue. We don’t use any menu, so the top_header is unneccesary :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Agree including hiding searh icon. If I am going to use webview none of it connects with woocommerce website and behaves diiferently e.g. adding to cart does not add to appmyiste cart, appmysite search gives no results are some example.

I think there’s a new update which allows you to hide the cart and search icon. The update seems to have come out today: https://www.appmysite.com/support/news/release-notes-19-07-2021/